Effective 02/08/2021: GNI has re-opened all outpatient office locations for in-person visits.

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What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a video-based appointment that allows us to conveniently meet with you by having a two-way video and audio connection. We can listen to your symptoms and concerns and provide counseling and a care plan.

  • Physical exams and follow ups
  • Review of films, screenings and lab results
  • Post-surgical wound assessment
  • Medication adjustment


How It Works

We will be using Doxy.Me for your telemedicine visit. Please follow these simple steps:

If you have a device capable of both internet access and that has camera/microphone (cellphone, tablet, laptop) please follow the instructions below:

1. Upon receipt of the information sent to you from our scheduler, please test the link included to verify that you can access the website. On the day of the appointment, approximately fifteen (15) minutes before your appointment time, click on that link.

2. Type in your full name and click "Check In"

3. Allow your browser/device to use your camera/webcam and microphone

4. Wait for your provider to start the visit

For more information using graphics that may be helpful in this process, please click here.

*If you are using a computer and your default browser is something other than Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, please open one of the three listed, and copy/paste link into browser window (or enter it directly).

*In the event you are unable to connect, or the connection gets interrupted, the backup plan will be for your clinical to call you at your listed phone number.

For all follow-up communication with our office, please call us at 844-464-6387 (844-GNI-NEURO).


If you have imaging completed prior to your appointment that you'd like us to review:

Ambra Health: Your Medical Imaging Cloud

If you have any issues uploading, refer to this infographic: GNI Uploader Infographic or you can email us at secondopinion@gnineuro.org


Tips for A Successful Appointment

  • Set the stage. Find a quiet space with minimal interruptions.
  • Turn off the TV and any noisy devices.
  • Control the lighting. Your doctor needs to get a good and clear look at you.
  • If you’re using a phone or tablet instead of a laptop, place it in a stable position rather than holding it.
  • Don’t go at it alone. Having a care partner with you is always a good idea.
  • Write down your questions. Prepare a list of your concerns ahead of time.
  • Have your medications handy. Your doctor may want to do a medication check.
  • Ask about a follow-up appointment.

Please note that telemedicine visits are NOT recorded.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is telemedicine technology difficult to use?

No, in fact it is quite simple. Telemedicine is an easy, convenient and useful tool in connecting providers with their patients.

Is telemedicine private and secure?

Yes, when it is conducted using the encrypted platform GNI utilizes that’s designed for the purpose.

Is the quality of care the same as an in-person visit?

The quality of telemedicine as a method of healthcare delivery is confirmed by decades of research and demonstrations. Telemedicine has been found to be a safe, convenient and a useful tool for providing care for patients.

Who benefits from telemedicine?

Both patients and providers.

For Our Patients: Telemedicine gives you the opportunity to receive care without a trip to our office. You don’t have to take time away from work or family responsibilities. You avoid the stress and hassle of  traveling, as well as money on parking or public transportation. You are not at risk of exposure from other patients with communicable illnesses. And you may receive better health outcomes and become more engaged in your own healthcare.

For GNI Providers: During this pandemic, telemedicine allows us to continue to see patients in a safe manner providing continuity of care while reducing the need for rescheduling appointments and cancellations.

Will insurance pay for video visits?

Yes. Particularly in this current situation, your insurance carrier will reimburse us for these visits including Medicare and Medicaid. Of course, you do still need to pay your insurer’s required co-pay, deductible and any co-insurance.  

One silver lining of the current crisis may be the increasing acceptance and insurance coverage of telemedicine meaning your continuity of care will be even stronger in the future.     


Please contact us at 844-464-6387 if you have any questions.