Upcoming Studies & Clinical Trials

Neurocritical Care

  • Reverse-IT

    Phase 3 investigational drug study to reverse bleeding in patients treated with ticagrelor



  • Cannabis in Neurological Disorders

    Studies to investigate efficacy of medicinal cannabis in patients with pain (Chiari malformation) and spasticity (Parkinson’s disease)



  • Neuropsychological impairments in Chiari Malformation

    Identification and treatment of neuropsychological impairments in Chiari patients



  • Sunosi for Stroke Recovery

    Jazz pharmaceuticals sponsored project to determine if sunosi can increase wakefulness and promote functional recovery post stroke
  • Pain Management in Chiari

    Non-opioid pain management following decompressive surgery


Cognitive Disorders

  • Neuromodulation Center

    Development of neuromodulation center to determine clinical need for rtms and other modulation technology for the treatment of FTD, TBI and other cognitive disorders