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Global Neurosciences Institute (GNI) Foundation’s Support Groups provides patients, their family, caregivers, and loved ones a space where they can talk freely about their challenges and issues without being judged. Sharing experiences with others in a similar situation can provide empowerment and control, in turn reduce stress and depression.

Support Groups

The heart of our program is to provide a sense of empowerment through friendship and peer-to-peer communication. At Global Neurosciences Institute, we treat our patients and their family members as our family — one GNI family. Together, we will work to provide answers, support, and comfort through our Support Group programs.

2024 Virtual Stroke Support Group Meeting Schedule

The last Wednesday of each month from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

JUNE 26, 2024
Topic: Aphasia
Led by: Mandy Binning, MD and Chris Findlay, MA, CCC-SLP/L
Location: Virtual Only
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SEPTEMBER 25, 2024
Topic: Home Safety & Fall Prevention
Led by: Mandy Binning, MD and Matthew Seigenfuse, PT, DPT, MS, Cert. Brain Injury Specialist
Location: Virtual Only
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OCTOBER 30, 2024
Topic: Emergency Preparedness
Led by: Karen Greenberg, DO
Location: Virtual Only
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NOVEMBER 27, 2024
Topic: Healthy Holiday Eating/ Avoiding Holiday Gluttony
Led by: Mandy Binning, MD
Location: Virtual Only
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Need for Peer Support, Hope and Encouragement

Not everyone copes with life’s difficulties the same way. Our program offers support and help patients need to adjust to changes in their lives. Sharing similar problems is a way to learn to live with those changes. The aim of our program is to unite patients around their common experiences to find positive solutions and support for each other.

The open, non-judgmental, nature of our Support Groups is one of the best ways to feel that you’re not alone.

We are all social, needing plenty of contact and connection with one another to thrive. But for many of our patients, who may have a wide range of disabilities, maintaining social contacts can be difficult. That’s why a connection to our Support Groups is so important.

  • We counter loneliness and isolation. One of the most difficult realities after a neurologic event or diagnosis.
  • We provide a non-judgmental, compassionate space where you can talk about your feelings.
  • We give you ways to improve your coping skills and help you adjust to a new life situation.
  • We work to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
  • We provide different information about your medical team, treatments, and other resources you may not have known about or know you will need in the future.
  • We bring together new friends who are dealing with similar situations.


Experience to Help You Successfully Adapt

Recovery is not a linear process. Our programs are not about comparing stories. They are about communicating and being tuned in to your life, to help with changing needs and concerns.

We provide comfort and guidance with:

  • The changing of life roles and new responsibilities
  • Social affiliations
  • Fatigue management
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Changing needs, new realities
  • Adjusting to routines
  • Managing care
  • Understanding your situation
  • Stigmas
  • Medication management
  • Hospital jargon
  • Understanding who’s on your medical care team



Global Neurosciences Institute Support Groups help and support our patients and their loved ones and is brought to you by Global Neurosciences Institute Foundation.

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