Our Quality Measures

 Risk-Adjusted analyses calculate the following metrics: 

  • Observed 
  • Expected 
  • O/E 

These metrics are calculated for the following outcomes:

  • Complications 
  • Mortality 

Observed - Observed values are the actual rate for the Outcome Cases. 

Expected - This is the Expected value for the Outcome Cases based on the risk adjustment methodology: 3M™ or CareScience Analytics. 

O/E (Observed to Expected) - O/E is the Observed value (O) divided by the Expected value (E). 

  • Outcomes with an O/E less than 1.0 are performing better than expected. 
  • Outcomes with an O/E greater than 1.0 are performing worse than expected. 

Stroke Data

Stroke Complications Graph 2020

Stroke Mortality Graph 2020

Carotid Data

Carotid Complications Graph 2020

Carotid Mortality Graph 2020

*Peer Group Hospitals

  1. Hartford Hospital
  2. Banner University Medical Center Phoenix
  3. George Washington University Hospital
  4. Cooper Health System
  5. St. Luke's Hospital - Bethlehem Campus
  6. Geisinger Medical Center
  7. Einstein Medical Center - Philadelphia
  8. Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health
  9. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital