What is Concussion?

Concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury, is traumatically induced transient impairment in brain function. 


Concussion is caused by direct or indirect mechanical forces to the skull that induces biochemical and microscopic changes in brain responsible for alteration in brain function. 


Initially patients may experience transient loss or impairment of consciousness. This may be associated or followed by:

  • impaired memory,
  • attention and concentration,
  • visual symptoms,
  • dizziness and balance impairment,
  • and headache.

These symptoms dissipate within couple weeks in majority of individuals, though some patients might experience them for prolonged periods of time.  


Initially affected individual should rest physically and mentally. Within several days slow return to activities and physical exercises might be advised. Sometimes medications or specific therapy (such as physical or occupational) to address different symptoms might be recommended.