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Technology & Innovation in the Neurosciences | Erol Veznedaroglu | TEDxWidenerUniversity

Progress related to health care advances in the neurosciences has been impeded by the various health care teams operating in silos. Bringing the disparate teams together to train and work with one another under one roof would facilitate and accelerate health care innovation and technology. Dr. Veznedaroglu is one of the most experienced cerebrovascular neurosurgeons in the country and an internationally renowned, comprehensively trained vascular neurosurgeon. He is a professor and director of Drexel Neurosciences Institute at Drexel University College of Medicine and holds the Robert A. Groff Chair in Neurosurgery. As chair of Global Neurosciences Institute, Dr. Vez, as he is known, leads a team of some of the nation’s most experienced neurosurgeons specializing in complex conditions of the brain. In addition to providing clinical care, Dr. Vez is the primary investigator of numerous clinical and basic science studies related to cerebrovascular disease and is a nationally recognized academic leader in cerebrovascular care.

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Erol Veznedaroglu,